UKIP – Bullied Brits Reveal Their Secret Identity – Patriotism Lives!


Our post on UKIP last week arose from a pinko piece in the pinkos’ fave paper.

Farage Condemned By Left Media For NOT Playing Their Lying Game!

And it’s worth looking at again, for it also covered a poll that showed UKIP had reached the impressive figure of 38% as the Euro-election approaches.

Even the poll organiser described this as spectacular!

And so it is, but of course those pollsters still felt obliged to play the Enemy Within’s game, by including a question about the racist character of the people’s party. 




The finding that nearly a third of voters believe Ukip is a racist party will be a blow to Farage, who angrily rejects claims that his party is the “BNP in blazers.”

Racist of course is a key weapon in the arsenal deployed by the cultural marxist ruling class and its running dogs in the media (and…

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