ISIS Indonesian Chief Arrested – But Will He Walk Free Tomorrow?


I knew when I saw the headline today that it wouldn’t be worthwhile cheering.

‘Presiden ISIS‘ Ditangkap di Cilacap

The rabid fanatic we featured in our previous post…

Fanatic Brazenly Declares ISIS Indonesia – What Will Jakarta Do?! 

….  Chep Hermawan, leader of the fanatic gang GARIS, had been arrested.

Great! He did openly declare himself head of ISIS Indonesia.

  • logogaris
  • It turns out that he was nabbed by cops after he went for another nice social get-together with the wicked old swine Abu Bakr Ba’asyir.

They met at the swine’s current home, Nusa Kambangan top security prison, where the demented old SOB is serving time for terrorist offences.

abu-bakar-ba-asyir Ba’asyir

Let’s skip asking why, if Jakarta is eager to clamp down on terrorism, a nasty terrorist criminal is enabled to consort with ISIS fans in a top security prison.

It’s hardly the first time, and says a lot…

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