Cacaphonous Calais Crimmigrants, Blatant BBC Bias





Calais was the last part of France to belong to the English Crown. Nowadays, it appears to be well on the way to becoming something other than French! 

BBC’s 1pm news (Jakarta time) on Saturday exemplified the media elite’s nauseating attitudes – a blonde whose name, I think, was Lucy, wandered round the Channel port’s streets with self-confessed recidivist illegal immigrants, as if she were interviewing honest citizens.

With no sign of distaste, she let them pour out their bilious ingratitude towards France, which has foolishly tolerated their noisome presence, their greedy snouts guzzling freebies every day.


Lovely Lucy listened carefully, without a word of reprimand, even retelling some Sudanese sleaze-bag’s boasts of how he’d tried time and again to sneak illegally into the UK.  

It’s one thing to give fair hearing to somebody protesting innocence when accused of a crime – but this swine was braying…

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